I Stefan

I Stefan is an upcoming feature film on the fragmented life of an art creator. I Stefan is filmed in a guerrilla Covid-compatible style. #istefanmovie

I Stefan is directed by Beata Staszyńska-Hansen and Onno Hansen-Staszyński. Beata, as a graduate from Łódź film academy, created documentary films, music video clips, and more but never directed a fiction feature film before. Onno’s film background is limited to directing one feature film when he was 17 and then retiring until now.

The music in the film is by the legendary Polish band Bielizna.

I Stefan is an experimental film. It was mostly filmed intuitively with an action cam (TomTom Bandit, no longer in production) without using a display or viewfinder. It was filmed without film sets or a film crew.

The filming process followed all Covid regulations of the moment.

Special thanks to:

I Stefan is fully financed by OHN.